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Name Plates make GREAT coming home gifts!


Christie Font in Med Cherry Wood

Christie font in Natural Mahogany wood
To order a Christie font nameplate:

Cooper Font in Cherry Wood

Cooper Font in Natural Mahogany
(Rare Grain)

Cooper font in Natural Walnut wood

Cooper font in Natural Oak wood
(Light Grain)
To order a Cooper font nameplate:

Olde English font in Light Oak wood

Olde English font in Medium Mahogany wood

Olde English font in Zebra wood

To order a Olde English font nameplate:

Due to the extreme difficulty and and time involved in producing Olde English
nameplates, a $15.00 additional fee will be added to the final cost.

Medium Cherry
To order a Select Cherry Wood nameplate:

I believe you will find these military nameplates exceptionally attractive as well as professionally made. I get requests from all over the US, Europe, and Asia stating that a similar nameplate cannot be found. I believe you will agree once you received your order. Each nameplates is handmade and hand cut, not mass-produced but created one at a time. The finish on each nameplate is exceptional and is one reason the nameplates becomes a showpiece. The hexagon on the left side is cork backed to pin your current rank in, as promotions come you may easily insert your new rank.


My database contains the majority of all military emblems, MOS's and military specialties that you might request. Obviously I do not have every emblem or specialty, in that instance you can choose to send us a digital picture of what you wish added to your nameplate.

The emblems on the nameplate range from $5.00 to $16.00. Emblems are moderately priced and make a great addition to any nameplate. My goal is to put in your hands such a special, high quality gift, at a reasonable price, that you become my lifelong customer as many already have.

Shipping is $14.50 and I DO SHIP TO APO'S. IF YOU have a RUSH ORDER it can be shipped within three days once the order is received. A rush order costs $10.00 extra and needs to be indicated in the Special Instructions area. If you have any special requests (shipping date, gift card, etc.) please indicate that in the Special Instructions area on the bottom of the checkout page.

Please email us at sales@sullivanswoodgifts.com if you have any questions. If stateside feel free to call me at (918) 622-1860.

As a former member of the Armed Forces, 1967-1969 (US Army) I want you to know I am appreciative of all who serve and wish you God's speed.